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Packing and Moving Tips 

In our packing service we assure for the safety of packageWhenever you have to move to new location may be in the same city or another city the happiness of moving to new House or Office always clouded with the thoughts of tiring and difficult process of packing, moving, loading and unloading.

Whenever someone has to move he/she has to come across the tiring and tedious process of packing and moving of their precious and valuable goods and safe shifting of expensive and delicate goods is too hard to achieve. 

But don't worry, here are some valuable and essential tips you should follow in order to achieve safe shifting of household or office goods without damaging any stuff.

10 Smart Packing Tips for Moving to New Home/Office

1. The first step of shifting is sorting of your goods and purging of unwanted items

When you have decided to move then some things you should consider prior the packing of your household or official goods. 

Sort your goods according to their usability, their weight, their delicacy, their expensiveness and their requirements. After that you have to get rid of unwanted things which you will not need in new location or things you want to replace with new ones. 

2. Collect the packing material in correct size and in right amount 

Evaluate the total amount of packing material you will need in proper packing of goods because it's really frustrating to stop half-way through a packing session in order to get more supplies.

Then purchase the correct packing material with good quality. The packing material you'll need for proper packing of items is: Tape, Cellophane, Permanent markers, Bubble Wrap, Cardboard Boxes etc.

3. Pack boxes according to the weight of the items

Always make sure that you have chosen the correct box for particular items. Always choose small boxes for heavy and delicate items and big boxes for light items. This way you can ensure the safe and easy handling of goods.   

Make sure that packed boxes should never weight more than 50 pounds.

Always put heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top of them. This way you can ensure the safety of the light weight items. 

4. Never leave blank space in the box

Box with empty spaces will be feel unbalanced at the time of lifting, so, stuff socks, scarves, pillow cases and other small fabrics items in the gap of box. Always keep pairs of socks together in order to keep your packing organized.

5. Tape or seal boxes properly 

Boxes should be close properly and sealed with the tape at the top and the bottom of the box or any other corner of the box which seems unsealed. Always make sure that tops are flat and avoid over stuffing of boxes. Over stuffing could risk the damage of goods.

6. Move liquid with extra care

If you have to move liquids, first secure the opening of liquid containers with saran wrap and put the tops back on and then transfer them in a sealed container. If you don't have sealed containers then secure the lid and put them into a waterproof bag. After that seal the bag and put it upright into a box.  

Always make sure that you have marked the box with arrows and "This Side Up".

7. For expensive & delicate items and belonging use extra padding

At the time of packing of expensive items use extra bubble wrap and secure them with extra padding, so that you can minimize the chances of loss.

For packing the delicate and fragile items try as much as possible to pack them separately with snugly padding via thick clothes, paper or bubble wrap and pack them in separate small boxes. Mark the box with "Fragile".

8. Pack essential items in a separate box

In a separate box pack all the essential items that you'll need right away at the new location and marked it with "Essential" or "Load Last, Unload First".

9. Label each and every box

Label each and every box clearly with the number of the box and with the name of the room it will be going to. Do extra labeling by writing the contents of the box for making your unpacking hassle free.

Avoid mixing of items which belongs to different rooms and pack related items in same box.

10. Always maintain the inventory list

Maintain an inventory list for each and every box with its number, name of the room it is destined and the contents of the box in order to keep track your packing and moving process. 

By following these tips you can make your packing and unpacking hassle free and trouble free. But sometimes hiring a professional packer is better approach then "Do it yourself" approach because if you couldn't do it properly you'll going to lose more money than hiring a packers and movers service provider.

So, research and hire a best packer and mover in town. In Unique Packers and Movers we provide packing services in low cost with proper and snugly padding for delicate, fragile and expensive items. We care for your personal treasure and belongings and we are professional in our work.

Unique Packers and Movers can provide services in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur and many other cities in Rajasthan and we are insured and registered movers of India. 

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