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Moving Tips for House & Office Shifting

In our packing service we assure for the safety of packageShifting is not just an simple and easy task but it's a combined process of many small tasks. And we can divide this whole process into two basic parts; safe & sound packing and secure moving with door to door delivery of goods.

After donating your precious time and hard-work in damage-proof, rust-free and secure packing, the first step of this tiring and exhausting shifting process has been completed. And now you can shift your focus completely on the next step of house shifting and relocation. The next step of shifting is to move your precious goods safely from one place to another.

This moving of goods does not include only the transportation of goods from old home/office to new home/office. But also include safe lifting, loading and unloading of goods. 

There are basically two approaches you can follow for moving of goods in order to complete the shifting process. The first approach is DIY(Do it yourself) approach and the second approach is hire a professional. You can either move your goods on your own or you can hire a professional moving company and can book your date.

Whatever you decide it’s on your choice and convenience. With proper packing safe and secure moving of goods is also essential and there are some tips you should follow to make your moving effortless and comfortable. For successful moving of Household and official goods you should always consider these tips.

20 Essential Tips for Moving goods to New Home/Office

1. The first step of moving is to hire a mover before one or two week of shifting

When you decide to move goods from one place to another then first decide the date. Call approximately one or two week before shifting date a professional mover and book your date.
The one week before booking will be beneficial to you so that you can easily and comfortably pack your all essential and importance goods properly.

2. Discuss the charges with moving company prior hiring

.Before hiring the moving company always try to have a prior discussion about moving charges. The moving charges should be as a written document and fixed with no hidden charges.

In Unique Packers and Movers we provide you written estimated quote for moving charges without any hidden policy and charges. Once the charges discussed and fixed we never fluctuate them.

3. Evaluate the correct size of Vehicle/Truck 

After complete packing of goods the next thing you should consider is to evaluate the total size of goods which are going to be relocate.  The size of goods should be correct so that you can finalize the right vehicle for moving of goods.

If you don’t know how to calculate the size of goods and choose a perfect vehicle for transportation of goods then you can contact to your mover for this problem. He will help you and will choose aright vehicle for your transportation.

In Unique Packers and Movers we have experienced employees who can evaluate the perfect size of vehicle for our clients. The right size transport vehicle will help you in avoiding multiple trips of goods moving. Multiple moving trips could be a real problem. In long-distance moving multiple moving trips are really havoc and to avoid that you can rent a bigger vehicle or multiple vehicles for transportation.

4. Never try to overload the vehicle

Avoid the overloading of goods in transporting vehicle. Sometimes overloading may cause damage of goods or fatal accidents.

Always use correct size vehicle for moving goods from one place to another. Never be greedy. Smaller size vehicle with overloaded goods may cost you more than you think.

5. Follow the guidelines of Mover

At the time of packing and loading of goods for shifting or moving follow all the guidelines mentioned by your mover. 

In Unique Packers and Movers we always avoid moving of flammable items, aerosol cans, paints, explosives, toxic substances and gasoline, Moving of these items can be hazardous. Gas Cylinders should never be filled. Never move acidic material with any other goods, it can damage other goods.   

6. Move your precious items with you 

Your valuable items like your gold and silver jewellery, ornaments, old valuable antiquities and your safe etc. should be packed separately. You should move these valuable items with yourself.

7. Complete your packing before the day of moving

Your packing should be completed before the day of moving. For hassle-free moving the packing of goods should be completed before the day of moving.

8. Backup important data from computer

If you have any important data in your desktop computer always backed up these files before moving computer with other items. In case of any unfortunate incident your important data will not be loss.

9. Always insure your moving goods

Always insure your moving goods with renowned insurance company to prevent yourself from any potential financial loss.

If you are moving goods with a moving company then always ask your mover for insurance of goods and only move with a moving company which provides transit insurance for moving goods.

10. Hire eligible persons for lifting and loading of goods

Whenever you hire workers for lifting and loading of goods, choose right and experience persons who have years of experience in handling sophisticated and delicate goods, electronic items and expensive furniture.

11. Always load heavy items on the base of vehicle

At the time of loading goods in transporting vehicle you have to make sure that heavy and solid items are on the base of vehicle. Do proper stacking of goods in transporting vehicle so that there will be lesser chances of moving.

12. Separate Glasswares

Separate glassware, crockeries and other fragile items from other goods and place them in a most safe place in truck to avoid any damage.

Furniture with glass tops should also be protected at the time of loading and moving goods.

13. Always reach destination address before the arrival of goods

Try to schedule your departure and arrival from old place to new place according to your moving household goods. For hassle-free unloading and unpacking of household goods always try to reach the destination address before the arrival of your goods.

14. Always check your moved goods before making payments

When your goods delivered to your desired location then before making any payment to your moving company always check for goods. You have to make sure that your goods are in right shape and condition, and there is not any potential damage or loss of goods.

15. Protect your memories

Some items you have in your goods are not valuable but they are priceless for you due to their emotional value. That’s why they are irreplaceable for you. In that case always move these goods in your inspection or with yourself.

16. Care for your plants

When you are moving your terrace garden with you always care for your plants. Choose the mover who has special facility for moving plants. Because in long-distance moving plants need special care otherwise they will get ruined.

17. At the time of transporting vehicle follow the guidelines of mover 

If you are moving your vehicle through transport company always try to follow all the described guidelines by your mover. Submit copies of all the vehicle related documents to your mover so there isn't any problem in transporting your vehicle.

18. Avoid Do-it-Yourself approach

For saving little bit of money "Do it yourself" approach for moving household and office goods should not be apply. DIY requires heavy hard work and it's a tiring and exhausting process. Sometimes this approach leads you to the major financial loss.

19. Change your address for utility services

10 to 15 days prior your moving apply for address change for your basic utility services, like phone, internet, cable etc. So, you shouldn't have to face any problem in your new home/office after moving.

20. Always keep your all keys together in one place

After packing and loading of your all goods place all the keys related to your household goods like drawers, almirahs etc. in one place and move these keys with yourself. Never depend on mover for keys. They can misplace it and you will be devastated.

Always research and hire a best mover in town. In Unique Packers and Movers we provide moving services in low cost with proper handling for delicate, fragile and expensive items. We care for your personal treasure and belongings and we are professional in our work.

Unique Packers and Movers can provide services in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur and many other cities in Rajasthan and we are insured and registered movers of India. 

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